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Online payments, "the chilean way". A django app with a flexible architecture designed to be multi-broker payment processor. Originally developed with love at Nomadblue.

For now it only sports the "peso pesado" of online payments in Chile, an old folk well-known by local developers called Webpay Plus from Transbank. In the close future, we plan to include other APIs (e.g. DineroMail or Servipag, eventually becoming a de-facto package for Django payment processing in Chile.

Disclaimer: This work has been heavily based from a fork of django-getpaid, which in turn borrowed a lot of great ideas from another project called Mamona.


Source code

The source code of the first stable version will be available on pypi. In the meantime, you can download development version from:


Add the app (codenamed 'getpaid') to your INSTALLED_APPS:


Next, set GETPAID_BACKENDS with the webpay backend and add it to INSTALLED_APPS as well:

GETPAID_BACKENDS = ('getpaid.backends.webpay',)

Now we are going to define the minimum parameters needed for development purposes.

See the complete list of keys in the backend documentation.

    'getpaid.backends.webpay': {
        'ASSETS_DIR': os.path.join('/path/to/your/assets'),
        'STATIC_INBOUND_IP': '',

We do not like using contrib.sites so we use to set a SITE_URL that can be changed on each environment. For now, as we are on our local machine, this will suffice:


Enable the app in your urls:

url(r'', include('getpaid.urls')),

Run ./ syncdb in order to create additional database tables.

Connect your project

Ready to the next step? Great! Go ahead to connect django-chile-payments with your project.